About us



About us

We are a team of blockchain enthusiasts, who felt in love with the Elrond Network’s vision and tech right from the early days. We also love art (and own quite a lof of items ourselves), so we see a huge potential in the NFT area (more on this later).

As we’ve wanted to contribute in a meaningful way to the development (and security) of the Elrond Network ecosystem, we have decided that the best way to do it would be by providing staking services and help more people share their passion for Elrond, while they earn and enjoy their lives in the same time. Securely, transparently, with peace of mind. This is how staking should always be. :)


Over 2M$ in managed digital assets


Over 50M$ in managed real estate assets


X validator nodes running live


What drives us

Our mission

By being a Service Provider for the Elrond Network, we play an active role in securing this blockchain which, we believe, will have a leading position in the blockchain landscape and will shape the future for the better.

Our vision

By getting involved in the Elrond Network ecosystem, we know that we have to abide by the highest technical standards and be in a continuous strive for innovation. We’ll continue to do so, while making no trade off in regards to security.


We know how valuable the $EGLD is and we’re aware that it’s our responsibility to help you stake it securely, so that you can enjoy only the benefits, with no headaches.

Customer commitment

We are aware that the relationship with each and every of our customers goes beyond the staking smart contract. We’re here for you, we listen to your needs and we’re ready to make the difference for you.


We’re open to questions and transparent in our actions. We do as we promise. Everything is clear, no hidden fees, no twisted words.


We love what we do and we know that we’re part of something bigger than each of us alone, yet powerful and inspiring, if we work together in expanding the Elrond ecosystem.


Since we understand the critical importance of securing the network the proper way, we are continuously trying to offer you the highest quality possible. After all, no downtime is acceptable and we know it!


Our values